SNAP London

SNAP PROJECT is an organized journey to create content for fashion brands.
Thanks to the optimization of resources, we offer an unbeatable budget to carry out your fashion campaign.

London / 2023

In November 2023, SNAP PROJECT had the opportunity to immerse itself in the world of photography in London, exploring iconic locations such as Portobello, Notting Hill and Camden Town. These lively London neighborhoods became the ideal setting to capture the essence of fashion and creativity in a stylish urban environment.

The famous Portobello Road unfolded in front of our cameras, offering a range of colors and textures that enriched the project. From the charming pastel-hued buildings to the vibrant antique and vintage clothing stalls, every corner of Portobello Road inspired us to immortalize fashion at its most authentic and eclectic.

A short distance away, Notting Hill welcomed us with its bohemian charm and cobblestone streets. The colorful doors and Victorian-style facades became the perfect backdrop to highlight the elegance and sophistication of the garments. The hidden corners of the private gardens and exclusive boutiques added a touch of exclusivity to our photographs, capturing the essence of fashion in an intimate and exclusive setting.

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