SEO Audit

We identify and solve the problems that affect the indexing and positioning of your website in search results.

We analyze and optimize all SEO factors of your website

We conducted a web audit to know the current situation of the company.

What does the audit include?

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What is a SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of all aspects that affect the organic positioning of a website, to diagnose problems and discover opportunities for improvement.

It is important to remember that we not only study the internal elements of the website SEO onpage, but we must also analyze other types of external elements, such as our domain and page authority or external SEO offpage links (linkbuilding).

Why do an SEO audit?

There are many reasons why a company might need an SEO audit. Most importantly, this analysis will help maintain the overall health of the website: indexing, structure, usability and visibility of the page in search engines.

An audit serves to identify technical problems and issues that may be limiting your site’s search engine performance and decreasing the potential amount of organic traffic,

Discover new content and keywords opportunities.

Analyze and improve the backlinks profile.

Improve user experience and accessibility and understand how search engines see and rank your website.

We improve your rankings and the visibility of your brand