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As a PPC Agency, we plan and implement the best digital marketing strategies for our clients. We professionally manage your campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Our Methodology

We help you get measurable results

At Ecommedia we help you to attract new customers, increase profitability and improve your conversion rate, either in Ecommerce projects or in lead generation.
We set goals, monitor user activities on a continuous basis by performing A/B Tests and make decisions based on the data, optimizing campaigns to improve profitability and ROI. Ecommedia is an official PPC agency partner of Facebook and Google, which allows us to know in advance the latest news and implement the best advertising strategies.
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Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Instagram Ads

At Ecommedia we put your product or service in the hands of the ideal customer through Facebook’s & Instagram Ads.

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Apps Campaigns

(WhatsApp, WeChat & Line)

Search Engine Marketing

Google Ads

Create, manage, direct and continuously optimize your Google AdWords campaigns to reach your target customers.

Search Campaigns

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Google Shopping Campaigns

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Youtube Campaigns

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