SNAP Project Fez

SNAP PROJECT is an organized journey to create content for fashion brands.

Thanks to the optimization of resources, we offer an unbeatable budget to carry out your fashion campaign.



In February 2020, SNAP PROJECT ventured on an exciting photo shoot in the captivating city of Fez. This ancient Moroccan enclave, with its rich history and vibrant culture, provided a perfect setting to capture the essence of fashion in an exotic and authentic environment.

The narrow labyrinthine streets of the medina of Fez became our makeshift photo studio. Its ancient carved wooden doors, the intricate mosaics of the souks and the colorful fabrics hanging from the balconies were the perfect backdrop to highlight the beauty of the fashionable garments. Every corner of the medina revealed visual surprises and unique textures that added a touch of mystery and charm to the images captured.

Ancient mosques and towering minarets also played an important role in the photographic narrative. The Great Mosque of Al-Qarawiyyin, with its impressive architecture and intricate details, transported us to another era, where fashion and tradition merged harmoniously.

In addition, the fascinating markets of Fez, such as the bustling Chouara market, gave us the opportunity to capture the vitality of daily life and the authenticity of the local culture. Merchants displaying their products, exotic aromas and vibrant colors became key elements to highlight the diversity and energy in each photograph.


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