Campoluz Enoteca, founded in 1981, is a renowned store specializing in wines, spirits and gourmet products in the national market. With a team of highly trained experts, it offers a personalized and quality service. Standing out as a leading HORECA distributor in the Spanish Levante region, it has established itself as a reference thanks to its broad catalog and its focus on excellence in the alcoholic beverage sector.


Campoluz Enoteca took a crucial step into the online market in 2019, marking the beginning of its digital journey. However, they encountered various difficulties, which hindered the potential for exponential growth with the required profitability.


We incorporated the company into our Partnerships program, taking on the co-direction of the online project, planning the eCommerce internationalization strategy and optimizing the profitability of the project, obtaining a growth with an average ROAS of 10x.


1.- Definition of annual turnover and ROAS Objectives

2.- Implementation of online strategy and commercial reputation.

3.- Creation of Branding and Conversion Campaigns in Spain, EU and UK.

4.- Creation and implementation of control and results management systems.

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