Fluchos France

Fluchos is a footwear brand for men and women established in Arnedo, La Rioja in the 1970s.

In its early days, Fluchos specialized in the production of handmade, hand-stitched men’s leather shoes, later expanding its catalog to include a wide collection of women’s footwear.

Currently, Fluchos has expanded its catalog with more youthful women’s footwear brands such as Dorking by Fluchos or a sports line with Atom.

All shoe collections are manufactured, designed, and controlled in Spain, which allows for great quality control in terms of materials and finishes.


Fluchos is one of the leading footwear brands nationally, with a significant market share in the Iberian Peninsula. Although it has a strong retail presence throughout Europe, there was no specialized market-specific e-commerce presence.


Ecommedia presents a specialized e-commerce proposal for the French market, adapting the commercial strategy to meet market needs. This includes native language adaptation and the management of specific campaigns on social media and search engines.


  1. A market study with a three-year eBusiness plan that aligns with market expectations.
  2. A/B TEST with various buyer personas to identify potential audiences in the French market.
  3. Establishment of a commercial calendar adapted to the market.
  4. Execution of branding, conversion, and segmented email marketing campaigns based on product typology.
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